Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Sundays are Awesome

Because I slept until noon, that's why. There's nothing like a good night's sleep. The weather was great again today, so my photos consist entirely of outdoor shots.

This is some sort of pipe by the side of the house... downspout, probably.

If you look at this photo at a large enough size, it's kind of blurry. Here it looks all right, though - quite sharp.

We have several patio chairs and a table with this floral pattern in the metalwork. You can see the grime on this one, and the places where the white paint is starting to come off and reveal the black beneath.

I don't even know how long these two ladders have been behind the shed. Ivy has started growing through them, so quite a while.

 There's an old propane tank sitting on the porch of the storage shed, slowly rusting.

The hinge on the side gate:

And the lock on the same gate - it never works very well, and you can see in the lower right corner how the screw is coming out.

 Our neighbor's cat loves to come visit us. He's very friendly and insists on being petted and loved for ages.

After I had finally patted him enough, he settled down against this door and allowed me to take some photos of him.

After I moved on to different photos, he continued to follow me. At last, he decided to take his leave, and I got this cute shot of him on our wooded path. (I don't know why this isn't centered quite like the rest of them.)

Back to school tomorrow, with a Girl Scout meeting afterward. Keep your fingers crossed for the lovely weather to continue! Doubtful, actually, because it's supposed to rain...

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