Friday, January 28, 2011

Link-Laden Friday... Man, I Wish Friday Started with an L

Am I tired or what? This Monday was the first Monday we've been in school since 13 December, which means this is the longest Warner Chilcotting week I've had in a while. (Nerdfighters will understand the reference. Everyone else: Urban Dictionary.) Anyway... I've been a bit more inspired as the week drew to a close. Let's see what we've got...

Here's Lele's purse (she of "Into the Unknown" fame) as it sat on the floor of the Literary Magazine classroom this afternoon. Lele always looks so stylish.

Sweet Ben... it took him a while to realize I was trying to get a photo of him (he and the girl behind him both thought I was trying to capture her), but when he cottoned on, he struck this lovely pose for me.

My teacher projects the computer at the front of the room onto this projection screen so that we can share our designs and ideas. I just wish she had a more interesting desktop wallpaper!

This shelf will endlessly amuse anyone who is familiar with the "In Your Pants" phenomenon (watch from 2:38 to the end and prepare to explode with laughter).

Loyal readers will recall that several days ago (at least. I don't really remember), I posted a picture very like this one. But you will note that in the other, the lights were on. I'll keep working on this one; watch for progress.

Ahh, so tasty... vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup in a heart-covered mug. How much better does Thursday night get? (Yes, I took this yesterday.)

 It's Frank! Again. I'm sorry, he's just so darned photogenic.

I love kiwi... I hadn't taken any pictures yesterday, and then I came home and realized we still had one of these babies lying around. Kiwis make GREAT photos.

Case in point:

That's all for today, folks. Have fun with the links - I promise none of them will give you viruses. And tomorrow is the weekend! Hooray for... sleeping in?

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