Sunday, January 09, 2011


Yeah right. Governor Riley has declared a state of emergency, school has been canceled, and officials are begging people not to travel unnecessarily. All because we've had a light dusting of ice and might get a couple of inches of snow. Alabamians are wusses, y'all. Check out the devastation that is the bread aisle at our local Wal-Mart:

So sad. However, I will admit that driving on icy roads is not wise. Don't do it, y'all. Mom and I went by the local elementary school (where she teaches first grade) to pick up some books and make copies so she could get prepared for next week. (And now they've called school tomorrow, so... one less day!)

Well, we'll see what happens. I made a giant list of themes for my 365 Project, and I may start one tomorrow. There's one I've been wanting to try... stay tuned.

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