Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here I Am!

I haven't forgotten you, bloggy. Here are my pics from the last... wow, 3 and a half days? Let's get on with it, then. I won't even try to pretend I know what day some of these were taken.

I decided to experiment with mirrors... this one is not very eye-catching, but it was fun to take!

There, I like this better. My history teacher's giant world map is endlessly fascinating.

Not exactly the look I was going for... these are Christmas lights strung on the ceiling, and I wanted to capture what they look like when I take off my glasses. Unfortunately, simply manipulating the depth of focus didn't help.

Three fabrics in one! I've wanted to do a week of fabrics for a long time, so here's a sneak preview: my tights, skirt, and coat (yes, I wore my coat inside - the school is an icebox!).

Hooray, sour cream. I picked a hair out of mine. That's cafeteria food for ya.

I've seen shots kinda like this on 365, with colored pencils or crayons, and Expos were what I had handy. Not the greatest shot, but colorful!

Aha, the Dusk/Dawn photos I promised. Here's a view of the sunset at the end of our street. I can't get over how beautiful the sky is.

It's even pinker in this shot... so pretty.

Here's St. Francis, patron saint of small animals I think (which fits, since we have 6 mini dachshunds).

I always carry some Altoids in my purse... I think it was my aunt who originally turned me on to them.

This is the brand of pencil I use. There must be seven or eight in my purse right now - I always put more in there in case I lose one!

My (deteriorating) mini-Rubik's cube, given to me by a friend for my birthday last August:

Mini Rubik's Cube next to BIG DADDY RUBIK'S CUBE!

The next three show a montage of the cube slowly being dismantled. First, we see the cube whole:

Next, we remove a few pieces (which is difficult to start but then gets easy):

In the end we're left with 20 individual cubelets (12 edges and 8 corners) plus in the inside mechanism:

This makes me so happy... I found my dad's old Nikon EM this morning. It has 3 different lenses and a mini tripod... so happy!

This is one type of table we have in the school cafeteria. Others are round with backless seats, and others still are rectangular (also with backless seats). Obviously these ones are prime real estate.

When I walked into the lunch room and saw this out the window, the first thing I said was, "How absolutely beautiful. There's nothing like a good fog." Seriously, y'all, I was supposed to be British.

My lunch was smiling at me!

At least for the rest of this week, I will try to update more often. The tough stuff (papers, tests, meetings) has passed without incident, so I should have a little more free time. And maybe I'll figure out how to use that old Nikon and get some FILM pictures going on up in here! Yeah!


  1. Best quote ever: "Seriously y'all, I was supposed be British." xD I was like, "That's a new juxtaposition."

  2. Aha, good catch! Yes, I am utterly English EXCEPT the whole y'all fandango.