Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beware of Nerd

Hello, folks. Today was a good day - I started taking pictures in FIRST PERIOD! (Which was at 10 o'clock, since we had a delayed start, but still.) Here is what I have. And be warned - it's about to get nerdy up in here. (Also chocolaty.)

"We've got calculators and trombones. We've got D&D and Star Wars drones. Nerdfighters: we're fighting nerds. We're no longer just using our words." DFTBA, everybody.

A graph of my group's data from our latest physics lab.

Our lab equipment: weights, tape, and a string-tube contraption.

A closer shot of the various weights (of which we only used the 100 gram).

Hooray, it's the formula for centripetal acceleration when you're not given velocity!

Another version of today's favorite: the wrapper on the chocolate Emily gave me. (See below.)

BEHOLD the chocolaty goodness! Holy muffins, y'all, that was some good chocolate. And I had to exercise extreme self control to keep from eating it before I could take the picture!

Moar chaklet...

This was taken when I was still doubting the inspiration-value of today. What better way to represent January 11th than a picture of the date?

It's a cosine curve! I love trig functions... is it weird that I can draw sine curves wonderfully, but cosines always throw me?

 Here are the sine curves (which I now realize I should have white balanced as I did for the cosine above... hmm).

School will open late again tomorrow, I heard, so hopefully the inspiration will also carry over. Wish me luck!

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  1. Prepare for itemized comments :D
    Oh my god, I watched that nerdfighters video (with the song) this morning :D

    I most definitely helped with that Physics lab ;)

    I'm glad you liked the candy :)

    You're math drawings confused...because I excessively headdesked in AP US :O