Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Binge

While everybody was out of the house today, I suddenly got a wild hair and took a bunch of photos. I'm quite pleased with most of them... see for yourself.

Various soups that we keep on a shelf under the kitchen counter... mom is the only one who ever eats them.

Three tomatoes... we actually had four, but everything I've ever learned about photography says "ODD NUMBER OF SUBJECTS!" so I left one out.

Yum! I could eat these little gingerbread men all day long.

The view through the blinds in the laundry room. I had to put my camera on landscape mode instead of close-up (where I usually keep it) so it wouldn't focus on the blinds so much.

This is a recreation/blatant copy of a photo by my sister (see her blog at and her 365 project at It's the top half of our pantry.

My phone (the beautiful Samsung Vibrant) came with a microSD card, but through an interesting sequence of events today, I decided instead to use it (with the adapter) as a back-up SD card for my camera. Whoot.

My mom has had this hanging in our houses for as long as I can remember. It's an old printer's drawer, in which she places all kinds of little pretty things.

My rain boot! I took it out to the front hall to use the pretty blue wall as a backdrop, and apparently I forgot to put it away. Betsy and Mom both asked me about it, and the best story I had is that it was for the one-legged man. The one-legged girly-man.

Mum set this on the counter a couple of days ago... I think she's trying to hint that she'd like one of us to make it for her.

These last two are a couple that I really would have liked to edit. Sadly, Paint Shop Pro has suddenly decided that it's not going to open no matter how nicely I ask.

The first is most of a poem written for me by my friend Ben (whose hands can be seen on day 7 of my 365 project). It's such a sweet poem that really shows how well he knows me.

And... the program from yesterday's concert. It sure was fun... and our clinician was pretty cute, in a sort of Neil Patrick Harris way (although I don't think he was gay...).

No school tomorrow because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so you'll probably get more photos I take around the house. Unless we GO somewhere! That'd be fun!

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