Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Favorites

As a monthly wrap-up, here are the photos I've selected this month as my favorites, the ones I posted at Enjoy! (As usual, they're in reverse order - meaning today's is first.)

One Month Down, Eleven to Go!

I can't believe it. I've done a month. Cyber-five! Here to officially close January are today's photos:

All the rules I've heard say half-eaten food is NOT a good subject, but I really like this. The depth of focus is nice (although not exactly what I was aiming for).

This spring break I'm going to NYC with 50 other Girl Scouts, and we leave at MIDNIGHT. That ought to be fun. We're taking a bus from Birmingham, AL, to New York City. (Pray for me.)

More cookies, this time uneaten. I had to white balance this - my only edit today.

This could have been so much cooler... it's a collection of cards about the different majors offered at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My English teacher keeps it around her classroom.

The arrows on the keyboard in the aforementioned English teacher's classroom:

And some letters! I had aspirations of editing this somehow so it said DFTBA, but tonight is not the night. Maybe later this week.

Man, I really wanted to upload this as my favorite. It's been sitting around in English class (yes, I only had one class to take photos today) forever, and I have no idea what it is. Perhaps it's a list of dream vacation spots?

It was rather rainy today (although it'll be much worse tomorrow, which just warms my little British heart), so I carried my blue spotted umbrella to school.

Thanks for sticking with me for this month, everybody! February, here we come!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Sundays are Awesome

Because I slept until noon, that's why. There's nothing like a good night's sleep. The weather was great again today, so my photos consist entirely of outdoor shots.

This is some sort of pipe by the side of the house... downspout, probably.

If you look at this photo at a large enough size, it's kind of blurry. Here it looks all right, though - quite sharp.

We have several patio chairs and a table with this floral pattern in the metalwork. You can see the grime on this one, and the places where the white paint is starting to come off and reveal the black beneath.

I don't even know how long these two ladders have been behind the shed. Ivy has started growing through them, so quite a while.

 There's an old propane tank sitting on the porch of the storage shed, slowly rusting.

The hinge on the side gate:

And the lock on the same gate - it never works very well, and you can see in the lower right corner how the screw is coming out.

 Our neighbor's cat loves to come visit us. He's very friendly and insists on being petted and loved for ages.

After I had finally patted him enough, he settled down against this door and allowed me to take some photos of him.

After I moved on to different photos, he continued to follow me. At last, he decided to take his leave, and I got this cute shot of him on our wooded path. (I don't know why this isn't centered quite like the rest of them.)

Back to school tomorrow, with a Girl Scout meeting afterward. Keep your fingers crossed for the lovely weather to continue! Doubtful, actually, because it's supposed to rain...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summer Comes Early

Today was beautiful. The weather was great - about seventy degrees and sunny. I got tons of great photos and had a terrible time choosing which was my favorite. Please enjoy:

The roses along the front of the house have had a hard time this winter.

I've wanted a picture of this bench for a while, and this is not what I was going for. It's still an interesting perspective, though.

Yay for macro mode! (Which I've always thought is a real misnomer... tiny things should be MICRO, no?)

I keep trying to recreate this great shot of my sister's, and I haven't quite gotten it right yet. Watch for progress:

It's my sweet baby Duchess. She loves to have her photo taken and will always look at the camera.

A rather ominous-looking shot of St. Francis, who watches over our front yard.

I really wanted to post this as my favorite for the day and probably will use it later in the week. Mom helped me decide, and she said this one hurt her eyes.

It must have been there for a while, but I only just noticed these little weeds growing under our park bench.

The many leaves that have collected in our (no longer functional) fountain, glimmering in the wonderful sunshine:

We have a lot of BIG holly bushes along the front of the house, but this leaf is growing on a little one that has sprouted in front of the others.

I call this one "Sassy Shadow." I loved the shadow my skirt was casting, so I struck a pose and photographed myself! A new twist on the self-portrait.

The rest of today's were taken inside, before I knew how nice it was outside. Here, I'm revisiting a favorite subject of mine: the blue drinking glass. I love the sort of wavy, distorted look of this one.

This one's sharper but has a different feeling... I'm getting ripples. You?

It is hard to express just how much I love crossword puzzles. I downloaded an app on my phone that gives me seven or eight new ones every day, and I'm absolutely in heaven.

Another revisit: the compass. I like the reflective surface of my whiteboard and the great light it provides.

I feel really good about today's photographs. The weather is probably to thank, so I hope it continues! Thanks for reading, everybody (or just Emily... you're the only one who comments, anyway).