Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Obviously I'm feeling less than creative today. Here are my photos from Thursday and yesterday.

The extra batteries I've taken to carrying in my purse... because you never know when your camera might spontaneously die on you.

A pen. The subject here isn't as interesting as the angle, in my opinion.

It's Ben! I think I freaked him out when I took this picture because when I saw how his sunglasses were throwing that reflection onto his face, I said "DON'T MOVE!" Not of the best quality, but I like that you can see his fuzzy beard. :P

These are my keys... neither to a car, of course. The green one is my house key and the other is to our family's public storage unit.

The kid next to me sure did look at me oddly while I took this, because I had to hold it in the air while snapping the photo. It's the liberty bell key chain on which I keep my keys ^

This one also earned me some weird looks... a ribbon tied around a tube of lipstick. I wanted to play around with something fairly small, since I just figured out how to turn on macro mode!

This photo definitely doesn't capture what I wanted it to. The morning was really cold and foggy, and the swing was sort of rising out of the mist... lost here, of course.

It's the Dark Mark! Run for your lives! (From the "Harry Potter Film Wizardry" book my brother got me for Christmas)

This one was almost my favorite yesterday (or was it Thursday? I dunno). I love the focus and the reflection and the lighting... I just love it.

In other news, I've taken on a huge project - a fellow girl scout and I, along with our sisters, are going to plan and direct this year's summer day camp. Hopefully this will be a big opportunity for me, photographically and leadership-wise. We'll be introducing ourselves and our ideas at Monday's leader meeting - wish us luck!

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