Sunday, January 02, 2011

Too Early

I know it's only noon, but I have nothing better to do so I'm here to post some of the pictures I've taken today. I'll hold off posting the ones that might make favorite, though - those will come later.

This is a bush. I promise. It's winter, remember? In a couple of months, it'll be covered in beautiful blooms.

Most of our yard is not actual grass; rather, it is green weeds. At least they give the appearance of a healthy lawn.

I took another one like this that might be my daily favorite... the two rings I wear every day, both purchased for less than $10.

Another shot of the rings in the light from my bedroom window:

Sweet little Sassy is difficult to capture in photos because she's almost always moving. But I got these two while she wasn't looking:

More to come, hopefully. Thanks for all the support!

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