Monday, January 31, 2011

One Month Down, Eleven to Go!

I can't believe it. I've done a month. Cyber-five! Here to officially close January are today's photos:

All the rules I've heard say half-eaten food is NOT a good subject, but I really like this. The depth of focus is nice (although not exactly what I was aiming for).

This spring break I'm going to NYC with 50 other Girl Scouts, and we leave at MIDNIGHT. That ought to be fun. We're taking a bus from Birmingham, AL, to New York City. (Pray for me.)

More cookies, this time uneaten. I had to white balance this - my only edit today.

This could have been so much cooler... it's a collection of cards about the different majors offered at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My English teacher keeps it around her classroom.

The arrows on the keyboard in the aforementioned English teacher's classroom:

And some letters! I had aspirations of editing this somehow so it said DFTBA, but tonight is not the night. Maybe later this week.

Man, I really wanted to upload this as my favorite. It's been sitting around in English class (yes, I only had one class to take photos today) forever, and I have no idea what it is. Perhaps it's a list of dream vacation spots?

It was rather rainy today (although it'll be much worse tomorrow, which just warms my little British heart), so I carried my blue spotted umbrella to school.

Thanks for sticking with me for this month, everybody! February, here we come!

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