Saturday, January 01, 2011

How Did I Miss This?

It seems I skipped a few photos when I was doing my extra super long post the other day.

I like this one for the contrast - enchilada sauce and gravy don't usually go together (unless you're my brother!).

I took this from the passenger seat of the car. The sun had been in our eyes the whole way home, and suddenly I realized that a great photo was blinding me.

 Ah, the crayons. That day's favorite, for sure. I like how the red one is worn down more than the others - it shows which color the artist likes the most!

Meh, tree. I took this outside the doctor's office while waiting on my mom. What I like best about it is the blue of the sky.

And the cheese. This is actually one of yesterday's - I dunno how it got skipped. We were getting some meat at the deli and I thought the cheese would make a good photo.

I know I promised no more practice shots, but... I think this really is all of them. Stay tuned.

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