Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am singing for two reasons: First off, tonight begins my latest honor choir. And second, we got our PSAT results today and I'M A NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALIST! Whoot! I'm so excited. Life is good, y'all. Anyway, *ahem* on to the pictures. Today sucked except the one good shot I got (which is on 365, obviously), and yesterday kinda sucked too. But I took pictures of my dogs. Mostly Frank.

Look at him: he's just so photogenic. Actually, he kind of looks peeved in this photo, doesn't he? Oh well, let's back up a little.

There, is that better for you, Frank? No, you want me to move back even farther?

How's this? What? You say that's not your good side? Let me try to get another angle...

There, now he looks happy. In actuality, he is entirely captivated by the food that is about to be handed to him.

Sweet Duchess always looks at the camera. I can't get her not to. She's just a natural model, I suppose.

And... then the dogs wouldn't stop moving (because Mom had stopped captivating them with her magical food), so I took a picture of my socks. Yay socks!

I'll try to get some photos of the campus and/or downtown tomorrow and Saturday as the honor choir progresses. Should be fun - keep on the lookout! CONSTANT VIGILANCE! (Anyone who can place that is my new favorite.)

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