Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are You Hungry?

Most of yesterday's pictures are of food, so I apologize to those who are hungry and not in reach of food.

I was feeling pretty nerdy last night after finishing my physics homework, so I decided to bring back my chemistry days and build a model of glucose (out of - what else?- marshmallows).

I realize now that I made a couple of minor errors in the arrangement of my marshmallow-atoms (yellow hydrogens should always be on the outside of the OH bonds, since they can't also bond to carbon), but I'm still proud of my nerd art.

Whoops, Betsy actually took this one! We have these food coloring markers, which are what I used to color my "atoms," and she decided to use all four of them on one marshmallow. Kinda pretty, isn't it?

Hamburgers for dinner! This is where I started getting crop-happy in my post-processing.

Aren't these pink roses beautiful? Wal-Mart had a whole display of flowers when we were there getting cheese. (Not having cheese is very serious.)

Man, do I miss biting into these suckers. But with braces, that's a big no-no. They're supposed to come off soon, though, and I bet you can guess which "prohibited" food I'll return to first!

This photo really looks like I've messed with the color and saturation, but it's actually SOOC (straight out of camera). By our driveway, we have a faded brick wall on which moss grows.

I haven't taken very many awesome shots today... Maybe I'll go outside and try out the Dusk/Dawn setting Betsy's been raving about. Updates to come.

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