Saturday, January 01, 2011

Rainy Day

'Ello, all. It rained here (I always wish for snow, but it's about sixty degrees... no snow today), which made for some lovely photos. Without further ado, today's surplus:

We hardly ever walk around to this side of the house, but I was glad I did today because I happened upon these bright red berries! They look good enough to eat.

This bird feeder is supposed to be squirrel-proof, but we must have some extremely clever squirrels. They can get around any barrier we set up.

Before I took some additional photos, I had this one uploaded as my first 365 Project pic. Thank goodness I didn't leave it, because now I don't really like it. Eh.

Although it's still winter (and I expect we'll have some more snow once the weather straightens up), there are already some brave plants trying to grow in the garden - through the dead leaves!

These kitties are supposed to look like they're having a gay old time, but today I like to imagine that they're upset about the rain. Cats + water = BAD IDEA.

I should have adjusted the focus on this, but I still really like it. We've had this sundial for a while and don't even know if it's aligned properly, but it does make for a pretty photo.

While taking my first round of photos, I crouched under this cute pink umbrella. When I set it on the porch, I noticed the water droplets and thought, "Epic picture!"

What is this, the third or fourth photo I've taken of this darned wagon? Y'all are getting sick of it, right? Sorry, I'll try to hold off in the future.

This one was almost my favorite. I like how the dead leaves and the overturned watering can tell the story that spring is long forgotten. It'll be back soon, though!

Finally, I'll let Frank (a red miniature dachshund) sum up how I hope you all spent New Year's Day:

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