Sunday, January 16, 2011

Computer Magic

Why is it that hitting "restart" is almost always the answer? It sure got my PSP working again, so I got right to work on those two photos.

I'm still not really happy with this one and will probably try shooting it again sometime soon, but at least it's like, actually white now. And the background... kinda cheesy, yes, but it also sort of makes it look framed. This is definitely something I want to frame!

There, isn't that so much better? It's bluer, there's more contrast... hooray for editing. Sometimes it can be good. (In case I haven't mentioned, a LARGE majority of my photos are sooc - straight out of camera.)

Now I can sleep easily. Ooh, one more thing. These books were sitting on the table and I just love the way the titles reflected up onto the pages of the next book. Rather a lot of editing was done on this one, too, at least for my standards. But it turned out well.

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