Monday, January 03, 2011

Late-Night Photo Shoot

So I had a little impromptu photo shoot last night because I couldn't sleep. Just me, a light, my camera, and various objects I found in my room. Enjoy.

My niece (who is a year older than me - figure that one out) gave me this a while ago. I mostly chose to photograph it because it's blue, and this week's theme contest on 365 is blue.

Isn't it cute?! My little EMILY train, purchased on some vacation at Cracker Barrel:

Another stab at the blue theme. I love the way the shadows fall, and the little shiny bits on the pins:

Manicure scissors kind of look like birds to me. Birds with very sharp beaks! An experiment in depth of focus:

Another focus shot, this time of a screwdriver. I've been looking and looking to find a really small one so I can take apart the CD drive (which came from the computer that I took apart with this bad boy):

The only one of this set that I edited (cropped it and enhanced the shadows). This is my snowflake pin, yet another blue shot.

Finally... this thing. I have no idea what it is. It came from the aforementioned dismantled computer, but I don't really remember what it was next to or how it works. Anybody know?

Thanks for putting up with me, you guys. More 365 photos will be coming your way this afternoon. Tomorrow I go back to school - new scenes!

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