Monday, January 17, 2011

At Memo's

I did get to go somewhere today! We spent the day with our friend Daniel at his grandma's house (We call her Memo - pronounced "mee-moh." Southerners are weird.), where we watched the inauguration of Alabama's new governor. I hope he'll be a good one... I've got my doubts, but we'll see. He seems nice enough, if nothing else. Anyway, on to the photos. Because I can't be bothered to sort them by name instead of date, they are in the opposite order of how I took them.

First (or rather, last), a couple of shots of the trees against the blue sky. I can never seem to capture in my photos just how pretty this sight really is.

This is Patches. I wanted to get a close-up photo of him, but he was afraid of my camera. I like the angle on this, and the texture provided by the fence.

Taken through a gap in the fence, this is a shot of Memo's pool. It's fun in the summer, but not in January!

Almost my favorite of the day - the ivy growing on the huge tree in the backyard. I love the texture and color.

I had to beg Betsy to do this, but it turned out really well! I was looking to capture the juxtaposition of winter clothes (jacket and jeans) with summer activities (swimming). It'd be better if she was wearing a coat and hat, but it was actually pretty mild today - over fifty degrees!

Daniel was silly enough to dunk his face into the pool, and I tried to capture the water dripping off his nose. He wasn't very cooperative, though, and neither was my camera.

Just a serene shot of the pool... I absolutely adore the richness of this blue. It's just beautiful.

Before I leave you for the evening, I just want to share this link tweeted by Hank Green:  It's a really touching story that reminds us of the reason we were out of school/work today. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone.

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