Sunday, January 16, 2011

What? It's Sunday Already?

Indeed it is. I've had a whirlwind weekend performing with the UAB honor choir. Our concert was yesterday afternoon, and I'm really pleased with what we produced. Singing is really something that I love to do - I would live this weekend all day every day if I could.

Unfortunately, all that singing leaves me with little time for photography. Here are some shots from yesterday that I'm fairly fond of, though, and one that I'm especially proud of.

This is the one I'm proud of. Before our concert yesterday, they had us wait in a smaller rehearsal hall. The lighting was very low, and there were really just these two lights on the stage. I played around A LOT with the  color, saturation, etc. here, and I'm pretty pleased with the result:

The other two are shots I took on our way into downtown Birmingham yesterday morning. This one is on University Blvd.

I like this one better. It's the off-ramp from the interstate which leads to University Blvd. I'm really drawn to city skylines like this, so this was almost my favorite.

I'll try to take some awesome pics today since I have absolutely nothing to do (except study for a math test and answer some questions about a play...). Don't forget to be awesome, y'all!

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