Thursday, March 31, 2011

Montevallo (And A Flower)

Hello hello hello! Yesterday's trip to the University of Montevallo was tons of fun, and I found out that as a GRC student, I'm eligible to take a free class this summer! Whoot! Here are the few shots I got on campus. We were supposed to have a walking tour, but it was raining!

One of the brochures they gave me... I like the purple and yellow swirls:

There were many of these chandeliers in the dining hall where we had lunch. I remember being there several years ago for a dinner where my mom received some sort of award.

Finally, a nice picture of our tulips. (This was taken at home, obviously.) And I even got the perennially (haha) unphotographable red one in the background!

Part of a handout from our Gifted Ed coordinator. The first question it said I should ask myself is "Why do I want to go college?" Um... that's why.

At lunch we had FANCY Jello! (And yes, Ms. Tina, I know what Jello is made of.)

These photos are actually of my Emily-twin's Jello, since I started eating mine before I remembered to take pictures.

Today I took only 2 photos, both of this beautiful Tropicana rose in the front yard. When I got home from school, the light was hitting it perfectly:

Today is day NINETY; that means there are only 10 more days until day ONE HUNDRED! Any ideas for a special shot to commemorate the day?

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