Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apples and Chicken

Sound appetizing? It sure doesn't to me. But we were browsing the baby food (Betsy needed a jar that size for a plant), and I saw this:

Nasty, eh? Why in the world would you feed that to your baby? But apparently people do. Anyway... onward! Here are the rest of today's:

This is a close-up shot of a flower pot in Wal-Mart - we were trying to find that tiny one for Betsy, who wants to grow... basil, I think she picked. You can see her parsley in the header of her blog.

I think this was some sort of solar powered light you can stick in your yard. I thought it was pretty:

Yet another shot of our lovely daffs... you can tell by the fence posts in the background that I took this at a rather odd angle:

Yay, more dead stuff! I think these were mums. Those are such nice flowers to have out in the fall.

This morning I bit the bullet and finally cleaned off the toenail polish I've had since November. Then, since my fingernails are red, I chose this for my toes. (See the duffle bag in the background? I'm leaving soon!)

Q-tips are good for cleaning up a messy polish job, especially if you don't want to get acetone on your professionally-done manicure:

Just an exercise in focus, I guess. My fingers actually look normal here! (I've found that most Emilys have fingers which are at least slightly weird.)

Ah, this is from yesterday. Our sweet librarian loves to keep the media center feeling fresh and happy, so she has these pretty flowers in the window:

LOVE the focus! My friend's friend had pistachios at lunch, and I asked if I could see one. I didn't want to EAT it, because I'm pretty sure I'm allergic. But it was fun to look at, and to photograph!

I'll try to get tomorrow's put up before we leave to catch our bus, and after that I can't promise anything because I don't know what my internet situation will be. Wish me luck!

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