Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick (But Depressing) Note (Which Then Becomes Uplifting and Has a Moral, Too)

I got called to the counselor's office on Tuesday. Naturally I assumed I had won some kind of honor or award (and they really did call me back today for that sort of purpose!). But they just sat me down and they told me I can't take photography next year because I haven't taken art. (You'll recall that I can't draw my way out of a paper bag, but my photos are pretty nice).

So... *headdesk* and also *sigh* to that.

They gave me until today to pick a new elective, and after talking it over with friends, family, and my choir director, I've decided to add an additional choir to my schedule - Women's II. It's gonna be lame and SO not as fun as photography, but hey - at least I get to sing twice as much. You have no idea how much I love to sing, guys. It just makes my whole day better. So now I'll be in that and Concert Choir (the largest of the groups - and there are MEN in it! Singing with men is quite an experience if you've never done it before).

I do have a lesson to share here: Positive attitudes are so awesome. Maureen Johnson tweeted this morning, "LITERALLY nothing can go wrong today. Proceed with TOTAL CONFIDENCE." So you know what? I did,  and my day was not half bad. If I had had a bad attitude, it would have been a LOT worse. Here's what I say to you, in this random photo-less rant: Start every day thinking "Today is going to rock my freaking socks off." And the universe will make it happen.

P.S. Ooh, I owe y'all a monthly wrap-up for February, don't I? I'll put it on my list.

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