Thursday, March 24, 2011

Emily Does... Art??

It's true. Something possessed me and I actually did some art-type-stuff. With food coloring. (Also today's purple flower is heavily featured.) Observe:

So I started with the flower in my glass (more on that in a minute):

Then, because I'm just crazy like that, I thought, "Why not add a little food coloring?"

Then I removed the flower and used the dye that had collected as an inkwell. With a dull pencil as my quill, I attempted art (never a good plan):

Also I had Sprite with my dinner and I decided to put strawberries in it to watch them fizz. This is the best shot I got:

They sort of remind me of lily pads on a pond:

A bigger chunk of fruit, from my first series of shots:

I'm glad this came out as well as it did - the view out the back window as the sun sets behind the magnolia tree. I love it when a sunburst comes out right!

That's all, I promise. Now I'm going to bed.

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