Sunday, March 06, 2011

I Think I Can!

...Get caught up, that is. I'm here on my own computer with my own memory card, and I'm gonna do this thing, y'all. I've got 20 GB of open space now, and I'm going to show you ALL my pictures, even TODAY'S. Let's rock and roll.

First off, some photos I took in the yard. Spring has sprung here in Birmingham, Alabama, so the flowers are out in full force. I love the crispness of this shot:

Are these flowers going to be pink or white??

Man, I had to threaten my camera with all kinds of horrible consequences to convince it to focus on this branch. It's a very unruly camera.

Hooray for macro mode! Moss and wood chips:

My friend Mr. Baggins, enjoying his yard. He doesn't get around much, but he does like to take the air.

I dunno what this is... but it's kinda cool!

Revisiting the daisy-type flowers. Before I got them in morning light, so here they are in the afternoon:

We've got some lovely pansies around our mailbox:

Whoo, a little overexposed here, eh?

These deep purple ones almost look like velvet, don't they?

I have this old typewriter in my room that has run out of ribbon, and a few weeks ago I got on a kick where I wanted to learn the Dvorak keyboard layout. Stickers for the win!

I wonder what this button does??

Behold, a peek into the inner workings of the typewriter. Light provided by my bedroom window.

This was another of my attempts at the "fire in a glass" thing. I realized that I could see my reflection in the glass, so: a selfie!

When my magazine staff went to UA for our convention, they gave us all these cute pencils!

Aunt Sherie's been keeping our kitchen window pretty by filling this tiny vase with flowers from the yard.

No idea where these came from! Mom brought them home one day and I just never asked where she got them. This is an unusual subject for me, since I'm allergic.

I've attempted this shot before, and I have to say that it came out a lot better this time. Still not great, but loads better. Our metalware:

After seeing the lovely work of Amy Hughes on 365, Betsy set to work painting her nails.

Didn't they turn out beautifully? I love this technique, called water marbling.

Lauren gave me some whoppers, and then Brittany found a sequin... this is the result:

Ooh wait, here are a couple more outdoor shots from a couple of days ago. Pansy leaves amid topsoil:

And another bradford pear blossom:

On Friday my aunt checked me out of school early because no one would be able to pick me up at the normal time, so I took advantage of the extra daylight by taking MORE outdoor photos! Yay!

Here are some blooms from the plum tree that have already fallen:

We have these cute stepping stones that look like slices of an old tree:

I love to play with focus, and this is a shot of which I am particularly proud. Nothing special subject-wise, but it sure is pretty.

Here's another shot of that same tree. I don't like it as much as the other.

Almost Friday's favorite of the day! I don't actually know what these are, but they're so cute:

I think this is a pretty cool shot of our bird feeder - it was difficult to capture because the wind was blowing so hard. A storm was on the way in!

This is my desktop wallpaper on mom's computer: DON'T FORGET TO BE AWESOME!

Yesterday I did laundry, so these are really photo-diary shots. Not of the best quality, but they accurately show what I was up to.

Hooray for soft fabric!

Geez, computer, why are you so weird? It keeps my photos in the order I specified, EXCEPT the ones I rotated. So here are a bunch of tall ones, starting with my owl earring:

Another shot of Baggins taking the air:

Yet another shot of that beautiful tree, with the neighbor's house in the background.

And... whatever the heck these doo-dads are:

Our daffodils are finally blooming! Mom's so excited.

What are these? Lemme ask Mum... aha. Narcissus, she has written on this random piece of paper. (She's on the phone with one of her fellow teachers!)

Not a good shot by any means, but a yummy one! This is a blueberry-kiwi smoothie. A word to the wise: with prolonged exposure to air, crushed kiwi seeds become exceptionally bitter. Ew. Learned that one the hard way!

And finally, today's. Yes, another fire hydrant. Perhaps they shall become my "thing." This one is at the University of Montevallo, where my sister had an honor band concert this afternoon.

YES! Caught up. As always, I shall try to keep it that way. Maybe with my computer up here in the kitchen (I moved it today), it'll be easier to keep up. Bon nuit!

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