Saturday, March 05, 2011


When was the last time I posted daily pictures? February 17th, was it? Sorry about that. Loyal readers will remember that I promised never to post fifty pictures at the same time ever again, and while I don't think we'll get quite there, this is still going to be a lot.

Here's Ben being all macho-Ben with his fancy 3D glasses.

Now, I can explain. First of all, this was taken when I still had a lot of vacation pictures I wanted to post to the 365 site, so I wasn't trying very hard to get a good daily shot. Also, I just wanted a picture of the croutons (which I got, and which I entered in a recent theme competition), but my friends like to suggest things for me to photograph and they insisted I have the salad, too. So this is for you guys:

Alas! Camera cord in the frame! For some reason I found this unbelievable funny while I was setting up and taking it. Now... well, it's still pretty funny.

It's my flash drive! I carry this thing everywhere.

Attached is a key to my filing cabinet (which is never locked anyway, but I still have a key... it has a windmill on it!).

And a lovely shot of the two together. The light in English was just really working out for me that day.

This is a good representation of the amount of mail I get on an average day. All from colleges who simply must have me because I'm just that awesome.

Yes, the Christmas lights again. This time I tried something new: it's sort of like light painting, I think. I put the camera on a setting that I knew would give me a low shutter speed and then swept the camera in an arc as I took the photo. Le result:

Again, taken on a day when I wasn't trying very hard. This stuff makes your hands all glittery.

My Emily twin is reading Pride and Prejudice! I've tried to read it a couple of times but just couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again this summer.

I had hoped to get some pretty shots of the campus when my lit mag staff went to the University of Alabama last weekend, but I was too busy learning! Did you know that the color of the year is honeysuckle? It's a sort of dusty rose. (For my male readers, if they exist: it's pink. Sorry.)

This photo does not at all capture the magnificence of UA's staircases. Seriously, you should visit the campus just to see the stairs. I'm entranced.

Haha, it's a photograph of an instruction sheet on photography! I think I was just trying out one of the tips the instructor had given us, but it turned out pretty well!

At lunch my change was some dollars and three cents, and the three pennies I got were SO SHINY. Holy muffins, y'all, they were really shiny. So I found my dullest penny and took a comparison shot.

Tracy had Skittles! We were directly under a nice bright light, so they're very shiny too. Can you tell I was on a shiny kick that day?

Another lunchtime shot: my sandwich. I've been told that half-eaten-food shots are a no-no, but I'm kinda okay with this one.

The guy teaching my first photography class was drinking Starbucks coffee, and when he set his lid on the shiny (sorry) table I immediately noticed the reflection. It was pretty distracting, actually. So after the class I went up and asked him if I could take a picture. And here is why I love photographers: he said "Sure!"

Yay for legs! Yes, I have crazy weird toes. Sorry. But I really like the lighting in this photo. There's another really pretty one of the edge of my lace skirt, but that might be considered a little racy... this is a FAMILY blog, after all.

Taken for but never entered in the "SHOES" object challenge on 365. This was at Girl Scout Movie Night.

And the lovely lamp by itself - Ms. Jane keeps such a beautiful house, with little candles and pretties sitting about. It makes me feel at home.

Our daffs are finally blooming! Mom is always upset that everyone else's seem to arrive before ours.

This didn't turn out at ALL like I wanted it to. My camera forced me to chose between high shutter speed (to stop the motion of the water) or macro mode (to actually FOCUS on the water). This shot didn't really achieve either of those, did it?

Another paper shot, this time of a page from my new Day Camp Bible! Seriously, it has everything you ever wanted to know plus a gallon more.

What, Google?? I've used my 1GB of storage? I thought Google was all about free unlimited storage! Hmm, allow me to investigate this, and I'll get back to you.

Okay, so I had to delete my practice shots. Does anyone know of a way around this without actually purchasing additional storage? Sound off in the comments!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on my physics project. Betsy made me this super-cool origami box so I can store all my formulas, laws, and constants.

Another shot, which better showcases my organizational technique.

I hold it closed with this blue ribbon, which I usually wear in my hair!

Hooray for Coulomb's Constant! 9x10^9 Newton-meters squared over coulombs squared!

And Coulomb's Law. Can you tell we've been studying electrostatics recently?

Here's a nice clear shot showing how it all unfolds. Haha.

This is begging for white balance, but I'm busy. Sorry, pre-cal.

A scrambled Rubik's Cube! I learned on 365 that it's much prettier this way than in its solved state.

Rising out of the mist... or my cape...

I think that's all I have on my computer. The rest are still on my memory card, so I'll post them later. Remember, if you know how I can get around the 1GB storage fandango, please please please let me know!

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