Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursdays Are My Favorite

They really are. I'm not sure why. Here are my pictures for the last few days:

These beads are so fun! I used the circular form to make this color-wheel type of thingy.

Playing with focus (which is hard, one-handed!):

Ah, some flower shots. Spring has sprung in Alabama! Here's a stripey tulip:

A snapdragon:

And some random green stuff along the back fence:

I found this thing on the floor after lunch and totally couldn't figure out what it was... and as soon as I showed it to Betsy, she said, "It's a thing off a binder." Doh!

Sleepy Ben, "cradled by his electronics," as he put it:

I downloaded this new keyboard layout for my phone a couple of days ago, called 8pen. At first it's kinda weird and frustrating, but I've been practicing and have gotten used to it.

Daniel is reading Eragon! I don't know why that excites me; I'VE never read it...

What's up with this?? The daisies are dying off, and these little fuzzy things have appeared.

I've been after a shot like this for AGES! This is Daisy, peeking through the slats of the fence:

The sunshine on these tulip stems was too pretty to pass up:

While I was in the mood for macro (and my camera was cooperating), I decided to have a go at this loose screw (there's a story there somewhere...):

The tulips are shy! They don't want their picture taken!

Holy muffins, I love this shot so much. Only slightly less than the one I uploaded to the project site. The shadows and the angle and just the whole thing seems to have such EMOTION, such beauty.

Make a wish before the wind blows your chance away!

This one is actually an assignment. My lovely friend Ben, who is on the Literary Magazine staff with me, had a great idea for a cover today but needed a large, clear shot of a flower. This is what I have for him!

That is all. Tomorrow afternoon Betsy and I leave for a night at Girl Scout camp, so I hope to get some pretty photos of the campsite. See you all Saturday!

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