Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy April!

With Friday came the arrival of April, generally accepted as the most beautiful month of the year, weatherwise. And beautiful it was! See for yourself...

As I left the house to go to school, I noticed that some of the raindrops from overnight had not yet disappeared from these leaves:

My camera seems to have some sort of aversion to red things. They ALWAYS come out overexposed.

Mareth allowed me to photograph her stunningly aquamarine nails:

And her lunchbox. I'm glad someone so agreeable sits in front of me last period!

This is almost the same as a shot I took the other day, except this time it also features my agenda. I only have 7 pages left in my journal - time to get a new one!

The sky on the way home was an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue, and the clouds were to die for.

I love springtime skies - they just make me want to be outside.

Yes, the perspective here is a little odd. But does the lovely light make up for it?

When I got home, I immediately took to the yard and got some nice shots of our flowers.

I know, too many flower shots. I'm a madwoman! I can't be stopped!

At one time, this cage-like contraption held suet for the birds. Not anymore.

I wish I could have captured the movement of these shadows as the wind blew - it was very pretty.

Hooray, camera, you actually focused properly!

*blissful sigh* The lighting here just takes my breath away.

Random little branch growing out of the plum tree...

Two types of flowers growing next to each other... I had to dodge the carpenter bees to get this shot!

St. Francis looks very nature-ish with those leafy shadows on him:

Yes, another pinecone shot. I just think it's pretty!

The villain of spring... pollen. I have to take allergy medicine every morning now or else I can't even get through the day.

St. Francis again... I wanted to crop him onto the other side of the photo so the laughing kitties wouldn't be in the background, but then he would have been facing out of frame, and the photographer in me just couldn't let that happen.

On Friday night, I actually kind of had a social life! *gasp* Ben was trying out for a singing competition at a cafe and he invited me along to watch and to hang out. It was a lot of fun! I look forward to going again sometime.

Most of Saturday's pictures came out HORRIBLY blurry, but I do have a few okay ones. First, mum's feet. She thought it was pretty weird when I asked to take this shot, but since I'm her daughter and she loves me, she allowed it. :P

Last but not least, BAND KIDS! Betsy participated in the All-County honor band this weekend, and yesterday afternoon was their concert. I tried to get some nice pictures of the group, but the only one that really came out was this one, their "silly" shot. Poor Betsy looks totally creeped out.

No pictures yet today, but perhaps soon! It's another beautiful early-spring day...

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