Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hi there, folks! Happy Easter. I hope the Easter Bunny brought you chocolate, and jellybeans, and Peeps. Oh gosh, Peeps. *drools* Anyway... photographs. Some Friday and some today, but none yesterday - even my project photo was taken with my phone.

Aw!! Frank is just too cute. (As for Aunt Sherie's legs? ...)

I thought these would make a pretty cool desktop background:

Maybe this would, too. It wouldn't focus the way I wanted, though (what else is new?).

The dry, brown bits here used to be pretty pink flowers. *sigh*

Bird feeder! It's kinda blurry because I apparently quake for no reason and NEED A TRIPOD.

The sunlight on these leaves... *blissful sigh* It just takes my breath away.

Frank seems to be totally unaware that he is being photographed...

...but what's this? Has he spotted us?

Yes. Holy crap. Run for your lives!!

Gaaahhhhh I love this so much. If it weren't for that stupid challenge that I hate more and more every day, this would DEFINITELY be my project photo for the day. Remind me to use it as a filler soon.

And now we're on to Friday! (I do them backwards sometimes just to keep you guys on your toes.) The theme Friday was "nature," which made me so so so happy. Spring = awesome nature photos!

 I've seen shots like this before and while I don't think mine is nearly as good as some I've seen, I do like that one little petal sticking out the wrong way.

Stupid camera, even with the exposure compensation turned all the way down, it still makes red things look bad.

Another shot taken with my desktop in mind:

This cute little wild flower was growing in the front yard, though I doubt it's still there after mom mowed.

Until tomorrow, mes amis! (When I must photograph something that makes me sad... *sigh*)

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