Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A New Look

Hi, everybody! This has been a week of many changes, a few of them physical. I got a cute new haircut (a chin-length bob) and wicked new nail polish. I'm even thinking of picking out a new design for my blog here! So unless you're super-speedy and you're reading this as soon as I hit PUBLISH, it probably looks a little different around here. Let me know what you think in comments! Now, on to the real show: the photos.

On Sunday I only took one, so that went on the project site. But here are a couple from Monday - buttons from the lapel of Ben's jacket.

Lookie, it's the Doctor! And he's got a little Sonic Screwdriver...!

On Tuesday, I found these subway tickets in my purse. I've been carrying them around for some reason since we were in New York City.

This is part of a QR code I made (though it's not a full one, so don't try scanning it!). The full version, when scanned, reads "Don't forget to be awesome!"

Another version of today's Project photo: the clip Ben uses to attach his keys to his belt loop.

These were taken out the window of my old English teacher's classroom - I tried hard to avoid the reflections you see, but it just wasn't possible.

This one's better. I just loved the golden quality of the light this morning.

Stay tuned!

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