Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Day at the Fair

Well, the Spring Fling. Ben took me on a date today to the local elementary school where they held a sort of carnival-type deal, complete with sketchy seventies-style rides and sno-cones (I had a cherry one!). It was so much fun! This was the first day I've felt upset that I'm doing the 30 Day Challenge, because it so limits what I can photograph for the project site. But I can still share the awesomeness here! Enjoy:

The challenge item for today is "your lunch." Betsy made this wonderful mac and cheese dish, the recipe for which she found on a soup can!

Look at the tastiness...

This ride is apparently called The Bullet. Those two cars are free to spin upside-down as the whole machine goes round and round. It was kinda scary but mostly I kept my eyes closed. :D

Ah, the Scrambler. The first time we rode this, Ben sat to the left of me, and because of the forces of the ride, he was constantly thrown into me. So the next time we swapped places and it was a much pleasanter ride! That's Ben's ear in the corner, by the way. :P

The sky was absolutely beautiful today! And it was downright HOT. Summer is on the way!

I totally thought this climbing wall looked like a Dalek (from Doctor Who), but Benji didn't agree. You just have to use your imagination!
This would have been the photo I uploaded to the project site if I didn't have to do the mac and cheese picture. Ben and I had a great time on these swings - I haven't swung in ages. It's so freeing!

Back to school tomorrow, when I must photograph shoes. That, I can do. Adios!

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