Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Lot of Shoes and Junk...

 Thanks, Betsy, for the title. :D

I'm not feeling very wordy today, so my descriptions shall be brief. Behold, Monday through Wednesday:

Billy's shoe. I kinda freaked him out by taking this.

It's Sara - OVEREXPOSED! We were at the honor roll reception.

I was supposed to photograph hair products yesterday, so here's a lame photo of my shampoo.

The postmark on a letter from Princeton. They want me, but I'm leaning toward Yale.

I eventually gave up on the shampoo and started photographing this flower.

Today we had an induction ceremony for French Honor Society (there were FIVE WHOLE new members!), so we had cake. Holy snood, I love cake.

Today's object: pets. Here's Daisy...

[random interjection of Betsy's shoe... I should post this on the project site for Monday...]


...and Sassy! She's so cute.

There you have it. Tomorrow is Thursday, my favorite day of the week, and then there's no school Friday. Hooray!

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