Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flowers, Foliage, and Phones

Darn you, phone, you ruined the F thing I had going on.

This one I actually took on Thursday evening right before I went to bed - a sweet little rose in a vase by our kitchen window. It has since opened a lot more!

Mom's students brought her some beautiful flowers this week! I borrowed this little bud for some photos.

The scratch remover tool in Paint Shop Pro is my new best friend!

This is the stem of the little flower, in a drinking glass.

The leaves on this oak tree really grabbed me as we left to shop this evening. The photo in no way does nature justice!

And... my phone. Today's "30 Day Challenge" objective is to take a picture of your phone, so... here:

That's the popular page (mobile version) of the 365 Project website:

Now it's nine o'clock! Wow! We were out all evening shopping for prom dresses, and I found a really pretty one! No pictures, though, in case you're reading this, Ben. You'll have to wait for prom night!

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