Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nerd Breakthrough (Also Photos)

I totally had one today, y'all.

We started talking about geometric sequences in math class today (that's when you start with an initial value and multiply it by the same number over and over, like "2, 6, 18, 54" where you start with 2 and multiply by 3), and I noticed that powers of numbers are geometric sequences.

When I was younger especially, but still to a degree, I was obsessed with powers of two (two squared, two cubed, etc.). Even before I knew what exponents were, I loved them. It's just such a beautiful sequence of numbers. So I started writing out the sequence and noticed that after 4096 (2 to the 12th power), it doesn't look nearly so pretty anymore. And really after 1024 it's only mildly attractive.

(By the way, we're operating on the premise that numbers can have beauty. Just so you know.)

Then it hit me that computer memory/storage is measured in powers of two up to 1024. Man, did that excite me. It's like two separate parts of my brain - the part that loves powers of two and the part that loves computers - were suddenly so connected. It blew my freakin' mind, y'all.

Okay. Maybe that's not so exciting to most of you. Maybe you're all, "Who is this nerd and why is she so spazzy?" But it excited me - it made my morning better. This is what nerd joy reads like.

Anyway, let's get on to the real show, the reason you're here. My pictures from yesterday and today:

I only took two photos today (and one is on the project site of course), both on the challenge theme for today: something I collect. They're my journals!

Just a random out-the-car-window shot taken on the way to Girl Scouts yesterday afternoon:

I'm so sad that this is blurry... a big storm blew in yesterday evening, and the gray sky was absolutely gorgeous.

This is better - I like this. It's our very confused oak tree that's always a season or two behind the rest of the trees.

Not a great photo, artistically, but I like the bleak mood it captures.

This is my attempt to capture the wild motion of the tree branches as the storm blew in:

Random watch shot!

This was the first photo I took yesterday, on my way to the bus. I knew I was supposed to be capturing things that make me smile, and this is such a sad photo, but it's really pretty too!

That's all I have for you today - check back tomorrow! And thanks for putting up with my nerdy ramblings.

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