Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wait, What Day Is It? I'm Not Dead!

I haven't posted in a long time. Since Easter, in fact. Sorry about that. Life's been crazy-busy. Here's what I have for you. We'll start with the ones already on my PHOTOGRAPHY flash drive, which is Monday through... Sunday. Wow, a whole week. Okay.

These first few are from last Wednesday, the day all those terrible tornadoes tore through our state. My house wasn't damaged at all, thankfully, and everyone I know is okay. It's really inspiring to see my school and my state come together to help the people who aren't okay, though. For once, I'm kind of proud to be an Alabamian. :D

So! First, a close-up shot of some of the sunflower seeds in the bird feeder out front.

Not an especially flattering angle for Sassy, but an interesting one nonetheless!

A bit of bark I found on the sidewalk, probably blown off in the storms we had that morning (the ones that knocked out our power all day!):

What is it with me and pine cones?

Is this a tiny little pine tree? It's growing right in the middle of our walkway!

These tiny little holly leaves are so cute. This was a difficult shot to get because the wind kept blowing the leaf away from me!

And then there's Frank. He always wants to get in my shots, except when I want him there. Then he's gone.

Wednesday morning, my school held our induction ceremony for the National Honor Society. I wasn't supposed to know I was getting in, but anyone who's reasonably smart can figure it out. Ask Ben to tell you about his experience, though. :D Anyway, they gave each of a yellow carnation:

This... needs white balancing. Badly. But it's still cool - I have one of those word-of-the-day calendars, and this was the word one day (I don't remember which!):

Playing with exposure here... I pointed my camera at the ceiling lights and halfway depressed the shutter button to lock that exposure setting, and then I pointed it at my usually-translucent prom favor bag. The result:

My BLUE fingernails, just before I got them redone for prom (French manicure, of course). Ben was sad to see the sparkles go, but I told him they'd be back.

Holy muffins prom pictures are expensive. We did end up going for the $60 package, because Mom thinks Ben and I are so cute that she apparently needs 12 wallets of us.

This was supposed to be for the "Something you don't have a lot of" challenge, but I ended up uploading sleepy Konnor instead. I just got my braces off last week, so now I can chew gum!

This was taken in the auditorium with the fireworks setting - it gives you like, FOUR SECONDS of exposure. Isn't that rad?

For comparison: I think this was taken with Museum, my go-to setting (mostly because it has macro mode, which may in fact have been turned on for this shot):

Haha... I took this to screw with myself, and it still works.

The approaching storm on Wednesday, made darker by the Dusk/Dawn setting.

More sky... scary clouds...

And here are the more appropriately-colored shots:

A bit of grass-like substance growing in the crack of the sidewalk:

Rock in the crack!

This leaf also wanted to blow away from me, and actually in this shot, it had already started to:

This bunch of leaves came from our plum tree. Like I said, we had some pretty bad storms Wednesday morning, although not nearly so bad (or so famous) as the ones that afternoon/evening.

Also taken in the auditorium: this shot of my shoe, because I was dreadfully bored while waiting for Mu Alpha Theta inductions to begin.

On Sunday morning(-ish... hey, it was the day after prom!) I woke up to find that WE HAD STRAWBERRIES! I love strawberries, y'all. So I sliced up a few and put them in this pretty teacup.

Mmm... that makes me want some right now. And guess what? We just bought some. #winning

Y'all probably want to see some prom pictures, am I right? Okay... but none with me in them because I'm a weirdo like that who doesn't want her face all over the interwebz. I'm already all over Facebook (although I don't myself have an account); you can find me there if you know me.

First, the beautiful corsage Ben gave me: cream-colored roses. It matched my dress perfectly, for which I was very proud of him. ;)

We went to Aldridge Gardens in Hoover to take pictures with our group. It's such a pretty place! Here's a tree overlooking the lake:

Some duck butts... :D

And more of the plethora of lovely water features they have.

I snapped this shot just a few seconds too late. Whoever was photographing this group must have finished right before I took the picture, because they're all walking away...

Ah, the gents. From left to right, we have CJ (hilarious!), Adam (who I like because he carried a hanky), and of course the unforgettable Benjamin.

The restaurant where we ate had this cool thing on the ceiling:

And this cool thing on the table. :P It's some kind of soup, I'm told.

I did not partake of the sushi (despite my friends' pleas) but I did photograph it. Of course. What else am I going to do? It's pretty!

At last, we arrived at the actual prom. They had these adorable chocolate covered strawberries that had dressed for the event!

What was left, after about 3 seconds (I put this closer to the candle in the center of the table, for a prayer of better lighting):

Haha, the lighting was really atrocious. But every once in a while, it worked in my favor. This shot of Benji, for example, has an almost Lady Gaga-esque quality to it:

And yes, he's wearing a bow tie. I love that boy. His shoes apparently hurt, though, because he took them off soon after we arrived. I thought this shot made a good representation of the evening:

I actually uploaded this to the project site too, but it's just so darned cute! They had mini strawberry cupcakes (are you sensing a theme?) with pink sprinkles!

After leaving prom, around 11:30, most of our group headed over to IHOP, where some of us had pancakes as a sort of... fourthmeal, I guess. Here are CJ's:

And Ben's. Yes, he had coffee with them. When he ordered it, our waitress was like, "...Really?"

My last photo of the night: Ben making a hand puppet with his cuff links. I can't even tell you how proud I am to call this wonderful guy my boyfriend.

Thus concludes the prom portion of this blog post. In fact, thus concludes this blog post. Look to the next one for this week's photos.

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