Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 100!

I made it! Today is the 100th day of the year, which means it's also the 100th day of my 365 project. Only 265 more to go! Here are my photos from the weekend:

Friday was a random day - this is the inside of the oven.

And here's TJ's class ring - it's sitting on top of my journal (the one I finished on Friday!):

On Saturday I took exactly ONE picture, with my phone no less, because I was out most of the day and then had to get prepared for my date with Ben. We saw the school musical, "Godspell," and went out for ice cream. As far as first dates go, it was a pretty good one!

The dogs had a lazy morning today - this is little Sassy curled up in her favorite spot: right against Mom's pillows:

And this is my baby Edward. I love the angle of this shot!

Daisy is forever hanging her nose off the edge - you'd think all the blood would run into it.

This looks a WHOLE lot like one I posted to the project site in early January: our dusty piano.

The one I posed on the project site today looks kinda like this one, but I did some major editing on that one. This one needs it, too, doesn't it?

More "old" stuff that mom has around the house - a pair of glasses:

What's the story behind this little doll above the fireplace? According to Mom, it belonged to my great-grandma Masters.

This is some of my dad's stuff - his watch and pocket knives. He passed away two years ago from cancer, and today would have been his seventy-first birthday.

This was an absolutely horrible photo. I asked Betsy if she could think of any way to salvage it (because Duchess looks so adorable!), and she said to make it black and white and add a funny quote. So there you go:

Final shot today: Daisy peering out the front door, watching the world go by. (You can tell her family has been at it as well, what with all the nose smudges on the glass!)

Today I started the 30 Day Challenge, as I mentioned in my last post. The first day is "anything you want." and tomorrow is to be something that makes me smile. :)

*NOTE: Whoops, I never hit post! Pretend this was posted yesterday. *is made of fail*

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