Thursday, April 21, 2011


There's no school tomorrow, so today was a bit like having Friday come early! My 30Days challenge today was to sneak a picture in class, which I utterly failed to do. I kind of forgot about it until sixth period, during which I was at the National English Honor Society induction ceremony. And then the ones I took when I went back to class weren't exactly snuck. Sneaked? I like snuck. But I kinda did it! Look!

Here's a strawberry - I had to redo my first strawberry shot with a lower exposure compensation because cameras in general seem to fail at red stuff.

This one WAS sneaked. Emily hates to have her picture taken, but her fingernails are so cute! Clouds! :D

Benjamin, one of the 53 new members of NEHS, wore his bow tie for the occasion (and his Doctor Who button, of course).

I have another version of this shot where Ben is making a normal face, but I like this one better. The other people in the picture are Kasey, who is rather short, and Sam, who is rather tall. And yes, that is a Sonic Screwdriver in Ben's hand. I love that boy. :)

That last one was taken with the "Museum" setting, which I use for everything because it tends to white balance the best, but for this one I switched to Portrait - and boy, am I glad! The colors are a lot warmer in this shot, in which the aforementioned trio are joined by Brian and Mareth.

So, no school tomorrow! My challenge is to photograph NATURE, which is going to be a breeze. I'm glad I'm doing this challenge in the spring! Look out for a multitude of flower photos!

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