Friday, February 04, 2011

Lighting and Backdrops and Flash, Oh My!

Actually I didn't use flash on these. I never use flash if I can help it - I feel that it absolutely ruins photos. Maybe if I get in to the photography class next year they'll teach me how to use it properly. Perhaps Mr. Flash and I could learn to get along...

Anyway, I hadn't taken any photos again today, so I grabbed some foam board and a clip-lamp (I finally figured out that that's how people get such lovely lighting!) and photographed whatever random objects I could find in my room. Some, like the Cheez-It, were so horrendous that they had to be deleted on the spot. Here are the ones that remain:

A little statuette/figurine my sister gave me once, as seen from above. It was really hard to work with the shadows here, and you can still see one I missed in the lower right corner.

The strap on my trusty rain boots (which have come in quite handy this week!)... I dunno why, but this picture makes me think of that line from Pirates of the Caribbean: "Bootstrap's bootstraps!"

It's this thingy again... I really wanted this to be my favorite pic for the day, and I'll probably end up using it as a filler sometime soon. It's a bit of a computer I dismantled, and beyond that I have NO IDEA.

Another angle, again with very interesting shadows.

Another random computer bit. I assume this is some sort of cooling mechanism, although I really don't know. It's pretty dusty.

The repetition here makes for a great photo, though, right?

Well, here it just sort of looks like a wonky toaster. That's what I'll call it from now on - the Wonky Toaster.

Practicing my selective focus on my DVD/VCR remote (yes, kids, some of us still have VHS tapes... that's what came before DVDs, which are what came before Blu-Ray). That reminds me of a quote I read, probably on "Can we all agree to just ignore whatever comes after Blu-Ray? I don't want to replace my movie collection again." Amen.

I was actually trying to get a different shot of these items when I set my camera down to grab a Cheez-It. (Eating while shooting is probably bad form, but I was hungry.) The view from "ground-level" caught my eye, so I pressed the shutter button to capture it!

This one is very similar to today's favorite, chosen by Betsy. At first she was like, "It's headless!" And I said, "It's art." So there.

I can't decide whether I like the shadow here. If it was just less yellow, that'd be good, but that's what I get for shooting in my lamp-lit bedroom.

Ah, the trusty Rubik's Cube. I happened upon some people in one of my classes who had never seen me solve one before, and I think I had them convinced that my strategy is magic.

And... this one. Everybody takes this shot sooner or later, I heard, so tonight I decided to take the plunge. I'll continue, of course, and try out some different stuff. (BTW, the book here is a medical dictionary. HOO-HAH, NERDFIGHTERS!)

Wow, I'm feeling wordy today. I should go write my paper while I'm still in the mood. It's about objective truth - specifically my belief that there is no such thing. Perhaps there will be a blog post forthcoming on that topic, but for now I'm going to go read. Nighty-night!

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