Saturday, February 05, 2011

Color My World

Hey, sometimes these titles practically write themselves. Others... not so much.

Today I had a meeting with some fellow Girl Scouts about day camp, so I took a couple of photos at their house. We got quite a bit done, and I'm really starting to feel like we can do this.

They had some very pretty artificial flowers on their kitchen table, which made me feel all warm and spring-like inside even though it was about 36 degrees outside.

Kirsten says crayons and markers really get her creative juices flowing, so I hoped they would do the same for me, photography-wise.

This last one... it needs to be edited. Hang on.

There, that's better. This was my breakfast - an egg. Yes, this very egg. I got the pan too hot and burned it a little on the bottom, but overall it wasn't a bad way to start the day.

Non-photo-related bloggy-type stuff: I got a telephone call from a college this afternoon, the University of Advancing Technology. That's the first time I've ever had a college contact me by phone - usually they do e-mail or snail mail. But it was surprisingly painless. The guy I talked to, Justin, said he went to the same high school I'm at now and graduated from the University of Alabama (which is definitely a school I'm considering). Maybe this whole telephone business isn't so bad...?

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