Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm So Bad At This!

LIVE! (Nerdfighters will get the joke here. It's totally jokes.)

So... I haven't posted since Monday. It's been a super-busy week, though. Tuesday was the return of Glee, Wednesday I got my 120 boxes of Girl Scout cookies (110-ish of which have to go to school!), Thursday was Write Night (an event put on by the literary magazine staff to raise money to print the magazine), and yesterday I was just freaking tired. So here I am on Saturday, having just binge-shot some photos because I realized I hadn't taken even one yet today. May I present to you Tuesday through Saturday?

Tuesday's batch consisted of only 2 photos, one of which was of course uploaded to the project site. This is the other, a text-message from Ben promising me a rather wonderful title once we're married:

Yes, I really do use phrases like "pray tell." Perhaps I've been reading too much Gemma Doyle. Who knows?

On to Wednesday! My wonderful baby sister, who had had oral surgery just hours before, took it upon herself to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for Write Night. Mmm...

I love the fact that the measuring spoon and the measuring cup match, even though we didn't buy them together. These are the little things that make me smile.

Speaking of me smiling, Wednesday night brought a happy surprise for us: snow! When I saw it coming down, I donned my coat and hurried out into the night, were the snowflakes collected in my hair. And, of course, I took pictures. Major white balance here because porch lights make SUCKY photos:

With Thursday came Write Night! I was excused from my last three classes to help with set up, and during that time I got some cute photos (before my camera died... alas!). This little guy is part of a massive art display, an amusement park made almost entirely of toothpicks.

I think most of these are gels from the theater department, which we used on the lights in the lobby.

The t-shirt! I know it's a little blurry - this photo depended on Tracy and me standing still, and apparently at least one of us didn't.

Ah yes, the lights with the gels. It looks odd here, but in the evening with half the lights off and the other half gelled, it looked pretty darn spectacular.

Ben had some art displayed at the art show! This is part of his drawing of an astronaut on the moon.

I took this one right after I took yesterday's favorite, which is of two whole cookies. My photo shoot made me hungry!

When I saw that Betsy was using my heart mug for her ice cream I was mad, but she made it up to me by letting me photograph her creation. Yes, those are Thin Mints!

Gah, I HATE the focus in this one. I was just so glad to finally have my Girl Scout cookies.

This one is better - and it shows some of my favorite cookies! In fact I could really go for a Trefoil right about now...

A random shot of the inside of my purse, shared with you purely because the quality is stunning. The whites are so white and the image is so crisp - and I didn't have to edit it at all! Score one for the point-and-shoot.

My history classroom:

It it today yet? Finally. This shot is way less cool than I thought it would be. It's the pattern in the glass of our front door, backlit by the porch light. Meh.

A nighttime recreation of my not-so-famous sundial shot. Nothing to write home about, but I like it.

The lighting in this one was really horrible, so I tried to white balance it. Sometimes you can only do so much, though, so I just decided to get drastic. I turned the blacks way up and decreased the saturation, and here is the result. I kinda like it!

A close second for favorite of the day: tonight's light source. I love our porch lights; they're so pretty. If this photo were somehow a little brighter, it would have been the winner.

Hoorah! I'm finished! Now I can go to sleep. I was supposed to be off the computer half an hour ago, but I knew if I didn't do this now it'd be another five days. Hopefully next week I will be more on top of things, eh? Cross your fingers!

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