Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday, Still Drizzly

And cold, too. I'm pretty sure that at least half of what fell from the sky today was frozen. Right now it's the warmest it's been all day - about 40 degrees.

Betsy is supposed to help me pick today's picture, and she's still in the bathtub, so here are Wednesday's and yesterday's for your viewing pleasure.

We'll start off with a weird abstract photo that I think I forgot to rotate. It's the view through my water glass.

Because I have serious trouble holding still, here is a blurry photo of some ice as it melts off a pine needle:

There was also ice on the porch railing. In fact, there was so much ice that they canceled all after-school activities yesterday.

If you look closely, this picture contains not only ice but also cobwebs. Do people dust their porches??

An extremely LAME picture of pi calculated to nine decimal places on my calculator.

Daniel didn't know I was taking this picture (although I did tell him afterward). I love the fact that the look on his face is totally candid - not posed at all.

Today's photos should appear any time now...

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