Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Second Wave

Here we go again...

We had a training meeting at the local baptist church for our camp, and one of the large rooms in the building was all set up for a graduation party:

I tried to be all artsy and take abstract-ish photos of tissue paper... didn't work.

This one's a little better... still nothing to write home about.

Emily is so crafty! She spent the last few days of school constantly impressing me by coming up with new cute things to make or do, including this Hello Kitty nail art (a nail on a finger which is resting on her final physics assignment of the year):

And holy muffins, y'all, look at these earrings she was wearing. A teacup AND a spoon! *dies*

When was this? Last Wednesday, I guess. I'm always drawn to the incredibly blue skies of early summer in Alabama. (And by early summer I of course mean late spring. It's 93 degrees today.)

Me and my pinecones... *tsk tsk*

Here, now this is what I'm talking about! I think I'll upload this one to the project site, actually...

Similar to one of my favorites from this month - the pink daisies strike again!

Rose petals in the grass sort of put me in mind of a wedding...

Our confused oak tree seems to have lost some leaves:

Okay, that's all from the random desktop folder. Now let's get to the memory card.

On Friday afternoon I hung out with Benjamin and met his BFF Dakota. We were at a local park (swimming in the creek, actually - a new experience for me), and the sky was just TO DIE FOR.

Ah, I just took this a couple of hours ago! We were at the airport waiting on Aunt Sherie's plane to land, and I snapped this shot of mom's ring.

I love these little things - lucky stars. The only origami I can make.

Betsy made this for me a while ago, on some vacation, I think. I use it as a bookmark:

Random clover!

Here's a (really terrible) shot of that creek I mentioned. It was actually pretty fun!

Okay, I think that'll do it for me! Thank you for sticking around. I love you guys!

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  1. I love when I'm in your blog :D Thanks so much ^_^

    -Your Emily Twin! :)