Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello, Monday

Day of the AP Physics exam, I was surprised to learn upon my arrival at school this morning. Good thing I wasn't taking it. Not this year. Not yet.

Anyway! Today is the last day of the 30 Day Challenge that I have come to hate with a passion. Really, though, there have been some fun days in there with the not-so-fun. I got to try out some brand-new editing techniques that I learned in Photoshop but had to implement in Paint Shop Pro - that was a fun translation. The one thing I really do like about this project is that it got me out of my comfort zone and made me photograph things that I normally wouldn't have looked twice at. And really, that's what the 365 Project is all about: learning to look at the world in a new way. So I'll call it a success.

The last time I posted was... let's see, Wednesday. So I have five days' worth of photos here for you (although I haven't actually taken any today... and I'm supposed to upload a selfie! Gasp!). Let's see what we've got, eh?

This one was taken Thursday night at about 11 o'clock... I realized I hadn't gotten a picture yet that day (I uploaded a filler from prom to the project site), so I just grabbed my earbuds and snapped. It actually turned out pretty well!

Crappy random in-class photo FTW.

Suddenly we have these pretty white daisies growing by the driveway! Daisies are my favorite flowers.

I had to photograph something purple on Saturday, and it appears that plum leaves don't quite fit the bill.

Pansies will do quite nicely, though!

This was... Saturday, probably. Nope, Sunday. I figured out how to make these "lucky stars" and used some to make my mom a pair of earrings for Mothers' Day. Awesome lighting provided by my desk lamp!

I think that'll about do it. I still need to take that selfie, though... that's going to have to include mirrors. And my natural light is quickly fading... adios!

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