Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm Still Here, I Promise

Hi. It's been a while.

At first I just couldn't be bothered to update here, but finally it was weighing on me enough that I decided to bite the bullet. So I navigated to my blog and went to click "New Post" on the toolbar at the top.

But it wasn't there. Eventually I did get SOMETHING to show up there, but it was just some weirdly formatted thingy that seemed incapable of doing anything except asking me repeatedly for my password.

I have yet to figure out a different way to get to the normal "make a new post" page, so if anyone knows, please either advise me in comments or email me at I'm writing this one from the Blogger app on my phone (which obviously isn't a long-term solution since my photos are on my computer).

Thanks for sticking around - I'll do some searching tomorrow and try to get this all figured out.

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