Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holy Muffins!

I don't know why, but all of a sudden it's decided to work. Praise Jesus.

Okay. All right, let's get a handle on things here. Um... when did I last post? May 9th?? Okay... I don't want to flood you guys with that many pics. Let's just do a sort of... "Greatest Hits," eh?

This is mum's ring, which I don't think she actually knew I was wearing that day. The spectacular lighting (also featured in my 12 May photo) is provided by my desk lamp:

Any time a student gets at least a 90 on one of his tests, Mr. Jackson draws these cute stick figures. I was lucky enough to get two of them on our Sound and Waves test!

Part of Betsy's Mothers Day present to mom; see more below...

...cute, eh? She made all different kinds of origami flowers.

I called this one "Two Roads Diverge" in my files. Because I'm a nerd like that.

Honeysuckle! It was super-difficult to get this in focus, if I recall correctly.

My long-awaited freedom from the 30 Day Challenge seems to have sparked some creativity!

Aaaand... back to the flowers. I just love daisies, though!

Here are a couple of pink ones, which we now have in the pots where the famous purple daisies used to reside:

Major editing here; I'm sure you can tell. Benjamin got bored in art class one day and made me a tiny little TARDIS! So cute!

Must've been that same day that he played this game of Solitaire after school:

I think this was Friday the 13th, when we spent the evening with a couple of our friends:


Mom has these pattern blocks in all kinds of colors in her classroom:

These sort of look like petunias, but not really... this was taken outside the elementary school.

Saturday the 14th was the Band Banquet (I'm not in the band, but Betsy is - she's section leader for this upcoming year!). The candles seemed unwise to me:

We have some pink hydrangeas at last! These are in the backyard; the ones up front are all blue.

When was this...? The 14th, my computer says, around 2 in the afternoon. I love it when the sky looks like that - a wonderful storm is soon to roll in.

We went out to our Girl Scout campsite a couple of weeks ago to check on some things for the day camp we're running this summer, and I took this shot of the lake:

Taken in the front yard of some friends of mine:

It's hard to tell, but this TARDIS is actually a bit bigger than the previous one. Benjamin kept this one, and we decided he'd use it to make a Doctor Who mobile for our children. :D

*smiles* I just love this...

Ah, here are the blue ones. Not the greatest shot, but there you are.

This is... actually kinda blurry. Crap. Like I've said, it's really hard to focus on something so small.

Man, do I love Pop-Tarts. We had a ROOF (Random Occurrence of Food) at our final NEHS meeting of the year.

My English class read this memoir as our final unit of the year. It's a fairly good story.

At last, I've reached the top of the folder with these. I took them on the way home one night using the Fireworks setting - FOUR SECONDS of exposure, y'all! Makes for some pretty trippy light painting.

Okay, that makes 30 for this post (assuming I can still count). I'll go get my camera and pull the more recent ones from the memory card. Ooh wait, here's another PHOTOS folder. Geez, do I need to consolidate or what?

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