Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday 12/30/2010

Look at me, being all prompt. I didn't take too many photos today, and I'm not especially enthused about these, but... here they are. 

The first is my favorite of the day: the home screen on my new cell phone. I actually only took that photo to see if the image would photograph well, and it turned out all right, much to my surprise.

This one is the posts on my deck. I had zoomed in to take a different picture and forgot to zoom back out for this one, which I think kind of takes away from it. Still cool though.

The last photo of the day was almost my favorite. To take it I had to lay down on my back and aim the camera up toward the sky - it's a ladder (also on my deck). Not the greatest photo, but I like interesting angles.

Maybe I'll actually be committed and update this every day! That'd be nice. Cross your fingers.

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